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Accounting Business Cards

Since accounting is a somber, specialized, intricate and precise field of trade and commerce, it helps to have a neatly designed, professional looking business card that emphasizes on the minutest details. You can use influential corporate images like a leather planner, an expensive pen and the financial times to reinforce the proficiency of the accounting trade. Pick templates with high flying symbols of a distinguished vocation like men in power suits, a close-up of a suit and tie or a group of well-dressed professionals standing against a backdrop of a series of skyscrapers. If you want to shed the power symbolism and adopt a more direct approach, go with templates of a visa card, a calculator, a paper with a whole lot of figures, the stocks chart and good old currency notes. Conventional black and white along with some light colored modern tweaks work best for accounting business cards. White fonts on a black background are great if you want to go traditional albeit with a more contemporary approach. Templates with a piggy bank, typewriter or fountain pen resting on a sheet of paper covered with figures connote the magnitude and exactitude of the professional.