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Animal Business Cards

Veterinarians, pet service specialists, horse breeders, pet shop owners, zoo officials, animal rights activists and other professionals dealing with animals can use these lovely animal- themed templates which charm potential customers and offer an interesting element to your business cards. All the templates can be completely customized by adding cute images of dogs and cats at play, a couple of gentle looking goldfish moving against a dark background or a magnificent looking tiger in the middle of the woods. Wildlife observatories can use breathtaking visuals of vividly colored and pattered butterflies. Horse racers, breeders and horse riding trainers can incorporate the picture of a majestic horse against the backdrop of a ranch. You can also touch up pictures by combining animation caricatures and real images to create a surreal effect for your animal business cards. Templates with unusual images like a cat sleeping blissfully on a guitar or a dog with a bow on his head and a rose in his mouth or even the close up of camel with clenched teeth can immediately bring a smile on the recipient's face. Even if you aren't directly involved in a trade related to animals, you can use the animal themed templates to symbolize certain qualities metaphorically. The template of a dove flying in the sky can be used by spiritual gurus, healers, alternate medicine practitioners and medical professionals.