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Artist Business Cards

Paint a vivid picture of your aesthetic skills with a collection of brightly designed templates that stylishly combine the classy and the contemporary. Since beauty, symmetry, creativity and imagination are the buzzwords for artists; your artist business cards should be nothing short of stunning. Painters can work with a modern art template that displays seemingly spontaneous designs to flaunt an unconventional artistic temperament. Tattoo artists can customize the chosen template and add a bold, fiery image of their hot selling design. The templates are marked by a variety of inspiring patterns comprising multi-colored geometric figures, intricate symmetrical designs, a mélange of natural photographs and a riot of random colors-all created to perfection for exhibiting your artistic prowess and trademark style. Treat your business card like a mini portfolio and include a collage of your creations to impress your potential clients at the onset. Remember to keep the visuals pertinent to your field of art. Actors and filmmakers can use movie-making paraphernalia like images of slick film reels sporting attractive photographs or hi-tech cameras. There are other subtle business card templates that can be used to convey interesting analogies. For instance the template of two hands reaching out for each other or a bare autumn tree against a tangerine sky. You can also use your own photograph along with a powerful tagline and memorable features of art.

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