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Automotive Business Cards

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Automotive Business Cards

A sharp, bold and snazzy automotive business card goes a long way in conveying the passion and professionalism of auto-repair mechanics, car dealers and avid car collectors. These business cards stretch beyond being mere carriers of your contact information. If channelized appropriately, they act as fantastic marketing tools to draw the required attention to your products/services.

Compelling visuals backed by a persuasive copy about the merits of your products can help pique your potential customer's curiosity. Since cars are innately flashy objects, you can get as imaginative as you want, using everything from automobile shaped cards and tiny glossy brochures enclosed in it to a roadmap and new-age magnetic business cards. The idea is offer additional value to the customer and at the same time pack in some more information about your products/services to make them more attractive.

The little brochure attached to the card can highlight additional information about your specialized services, offers and successfully completed projects. The main card can have the name and contact details, while the brochure can include a company profile along with a powerful tagline.

Make the most of the back of your card to include photographs from a key customized project. You can also include a referral discount coupon and offer new customers flashing this coupon a flat reduced rate on your products/services. It will help create the required buzz for your business. Include valuable tips on basic car maintenance even some fun trivia like a list of car models owned by celebrities throughout the country.

If you want to increase the preservation value of your cards and get them to act as subtle advertising mediums-opt for plastic or magnetic automotive business cards that are more attractive, durable and can easily be stuck on everyday surfaces.

Design a shiny, sporty and attention-grabbing logo to make your brand more desirable and recognized. You can incorporate iconic parts of an automobile like the steering, the wheel or the bumper in the logo to convey the essence of your business.

Auto-dealers can use images of vivid, swanky sports car models to make their cards more inviting. Repair mechanics can opt for comical images that present their tryst with difficult vehicles in a lighter manner.

Each attribute of the logo is a reflection of your organization and its core values-hence design logos that are in tandem with the basic philosophy of your business. Use fiery shades like red, orange, black, dark blue and silver on your automotive business cards to symbolize excitement, speed, power, dare-devil adventure and energy. Use a large, bold typeface to ensure that your cards grab the limelight. Large, action fonts work very well for an automotive business card. They add a swift and action-packed look to the card.

Use a top-quality gloss paper or an uncoated stock variety to add sheen and professionalism to your auto business cards. This site allows you to custom-design your cards by adding your own graphics, logos and fonts. For a speedy printing job-go for a pre-designed template by quickly entering your details in professionally created layout.

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