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Blue Business Cards

A calming color that also conveys strength, stability, mystic and sincerity, blue is a favorite with conformists who desist from veering towards the unconventional path. Being a naturally relaxed shade that counteracts aggression and exudes inspiration, blue business cards are perfect for doctors, spiritual leaders, healers, counselors and tarot card readers along with other medical and occult science practitioners. Blue cards can be used by any vocation that deals with neutralizing physical and mental stress by converting it into peaceful body energy. Even other professionals who want to keep their business cards from going overboard can use this stylish, elegant and soothing color. Cleaning services can pick blue templates to create a sparkling clean impression. Similarly beach resorts and other vocations related to water - like a scuba diving instructor - use blue generously throughout their business cards. Electric blue templates are great if you want flashier looking cards, whereas sky blue works well to keep it understated. If your enterprise deals with garments, opt for a card that looks like a patch of denim. Since blue is the color of communication, expression and spirituality- media professionals, artists and religious leaders can also pick from one of these serene templates.