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Cleaning Business Cards

The cleaning business thrives on organizing things and putting them in order in the middle of chaos. Your cleaning business cards should therefore reflect an innate knack for setting things right with its clean, systematic and well-arranged layout. A neat appearance and well put together design can go a long way in establishing the right image for your housekeeping venture. Light backgrounds with colorful images of cleaning apparatus and smiling service staff work well. Use images of frothy soaps, fresh towels, attractive linen, clean interiors and bubbles-anything that feels sparkling clean, instantly refreshing and encourages people to give their homes a good wash over. Soothing shades like aqua blue and lime green along with other pastel colors and white are good for backgrounds. You can also use powerful images from nature like a clear blue sky to depict purity. Stick to basic fonts that are business-like, neat and clear. As a bonus for your prospective clients, you can include a series of small, useful household tips at the back of the business cards or even a smart quote on how clean surroundings can lead to an uncluttered mind, body and spirit.