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Computer Business Cards

Computer geeks and professionals can pick from our smart and stylish range of templates that graphically outline the wonders of modern technology. To demonstrate your expertise in a comical fashion, pick the template of a wizard in bright clothes having a go at a computer to create 'technically sound' spells. Similarly for a more formal look, you can use business cards with the image of a geometric globe printed against a deep blue or black background to show connectivity and accomplishment through technology. For clear-cut cards that are methodical and unambiguous about your vocation, use images of a computer screen with a web URL keyed in on it, fingers working away niftily on a keyboard, the tiny chips and wires inside the body of a processor or even a few random codes. To summarize their expertise more metaphorically, computer repair professionals can use a couple of templates that have the image of a computer with a stethoscope emerging from it. Since all the templates can be fully customized, you can even design a unique matrix-like green and black card with interesting cryptic symbols. Brightly lit keyboards, slick laptops, circuit boards and connectivity wires make your computer business cards look professional and futuristic.