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Craft Business Cards

Creative craft smiths require stylish craft business cards that highlight their creativity and individualistic skills. Ideal for dressmakers, potters, designers, carpenters, gift wrappers, origami professionals and shoe makers apart from a host of other craft professionals, these vibrant templates showcase images of everything from smug animal shaped slip-ons to multi-colored buttons. You may want to go with straightforward yet persuasive images of crayons in diverse shades, glittering sequins in a variety of shapes or a single yarn of bright colored wool. For carpenters, templates with a wood finish background effect work great. You can use an attractive photograph that showcases a medley of your creations to make your business card a pictorial portfolio. Fashion designers and dress makers can customize their cards by adding images from their own collection or designing their cards in the shape of a fashionable garment. Use colorful craft paraphernalia against full- color pastel backdrops to create beautiful looking cards which are aesthetic and professional all the same. For a slightly innovative approach, you can have a series of images detailing the making of your creation in different stages. Shape your craft business cards in the form of an origami handiwork and get your details printed in an attractive font.