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Education Business Cards

Well turned out education business cards should be fun and creative as well as formal and professional to grab the child's curiosity and convey the seriousness of the vocation in the same vein. Though traditional images related to teaching and learning instantly encourage familiarity and reinforce the importance of knowledge, symbolic pictures like an adult's hand holding and leading the child's hand act as powerful metaphors. Your business card can be a mini blackboard with the contact details written in a playful chalk handwriting font. Use loud fonts and brighter shades if you deal with 'pre-schoolers' and more somber symbols for the higher grades. A stack of books with the topmost one lying open or a collection of well- arranged multi-colored books on an attractive bookshelf are pictures that offer a tribute to the art of dispensing knowledge. A blackboard with a complicated mathematical equation or an education business card with the illustration of a globe printed on it works well for specialized subject teachers. For educationists catering to tiny tots, images of cute bookworms, apples, teddy bears, butterflies and children involved in creative activities are a nice way to fire up the parent's interest and the child's imagination.