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Entertainment Business Cards

Energize your entertainment business cards with dazzling colors, bright visuals and popular themes which convey the interesting elements of the profession. If you are a dance teacher or choreographer, a photograph of a couple in an alluring tango pose against a red backdrop looks fantastic. Musicians and singers can incorporate the picture of a diva with a fluttering mane holding a mike in her hand. Actors, magicians, jugglers, comedians, DJs and other entertainers can use impressive visuals of the paraphernalia that mark their trade. You can choose from a superb range of templates which feature everything from playing cards, film reels, cameras and musical instruments to glittering dance floors, sophisticated sound equipments and stars in the night sky. Theatre productions can pick from templates that show the visual of a green room complete with drama costumes and props, an image of the viewers' gallery or a picture of red satin curtains against a black background. Hollywood productions, actors and technicians can have a spectacular vista of a woman's silhouette in a charming posture on the red carpet. A photograph of a microphone against a red curtain background is great for stand up comedians and mimicry artists. Your entertainment business cards should be creative, original and attractive enough to make your potential audience sit up, take note and applaud-much like the act itself.