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Graphic Designer Business Cards

Think of your graphic design business cards as mini portfolio which will be constantly evaluated for creativity and ingenuity by prospective clients. It is an excellent tool for showing off your designing skills along with offering potential customers a snapshot of your sense of visualization and ability to think out of the box. The cards should be intriguing and impressive enough to act as teasers of your aesthetic expertise. Your graphic design business cards need not necessarily be flashy and flamboyant. An unassuming, clean and clear cut design with inspiring touches can also work very well. Use superior quality card paper and vivid, multi-colored templates with intricate patterns and florid fonts to give the cards an artistic texture. Black and white cards with traces of modern art are also visually appealing. Funky, cool, glamorous, minimalist, classic- your graphic design business cards are a reflection of your personal style. Visages of Abstract art that exhibit interesting form and a cutting edge visual language also speak volumes of your understanding of art. If you don't suitably impress prospective clients with a striking design on your business cards, there is little chance they'll trust you with their graphic designing jobs.