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Green Business Cards

Landscapers, lawn care specialists, horticulturists, environmentalists, plantation owners and other professionals employed in the field of renewable energy, sustainable living and environmental health can pick from a collection of smart looking green business card templates that can be fully customized according to their vocation. The template with an image of a triangle and three arrows inside it - pointing towards each other - communicate recycling and environmentally friendly living. Artists and designers using recycled material for their creations can pick a template that displays an intricate floral pattern on a green background to combine artistic vision and an environmentally conscious approach. For international enterprises and trusts, templates with the image of a green globe can effectively summarize your cause. Use the template of a green eye to show futuristic entrepreneurial vision. Green business cards with a dash of red and a photograph of Santa Claus or the Christmas tree are ideal for Christmas and other holiday related ventures. Military personnel can opt for a template that has patches of the popular green and black armed forces uniform pattern. Since the color green conveys life, growth, prosperity, harmony, order and well being - green business cards can also be used by medical professionals, spiritual gurus and healers.