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Interior Design Business Cards

Fully customized and uniquely designed Interior Design business cards can flaunt your aesthetic skills together with your signature space planning and beautification ideas. Make your cards visually engaging by displaying images of homes with stylishly planned geometric spaces, elegant centerpieces and plush furnishings. Create a bright, warm and smug look that instantly attracts your potential clientele for its sheer ingenuity. It's a great idea to include pictures from your portfolio to make the cards more personal and to help patrons connect to your designs immediately. Upload before and after images of interiors to show the transition of homes once they are subjected to your Midas touch. Select images of huge spaces adorned by stately furniture, well harmonized upholstery and expensive accessories to create the perfect lavish look. You can also use intricate design patterns to convey principles of balance, symmetry, dexterity and accuracy. A business card with an exquisite and slick looking gold frame is effortlessly impressive. Images of a single piece of furniture in a bright shade, a series of colorful satin curtains or a couple of artistic hand-made lampshades can also add the required panache to your business cards. For more razzmatazz, use embellishments like small mirrors, fabric, plastic, leather and foam creatively on your interior design business cards.