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International Business Cards

For entrepreneurs who trade internationally, sleek, prestigious and futuristic looking business cards that represent global connectivity work very well. Pick from our wide stock of ultramodern templates that feature progressive international images like globes, maps, skyscrapers, computer peripherals, planet earth, man on the moon and an overview of the space complete with its celestial bodies. Make the most of colors like blue and white to imply growth, development and achievement on land as well as water. Contrast them with dark shades like black to give your cards a smooth international finish. Show silhouettes of professionals in power business suits for conveying a successful streak of conquering the worldwide business arena. Import-export tradesmen can customize their cards by using images of the goods they trade in and wrapping them around the picture of a globe. A cluster of contemporary looking random symbols can speak volumes of your technological wizardry in establishing a global venture. Signs related currency and economy also communicate the power of a large-scale enterprise. Your international business cards can be more attractive and useful if you have a colorful globe protruding out of the card or if you have the illustration of a world map at the back of the card.