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Jewelry Business Cards

Your jewelry business card must truly shine among a stock of other cards for its inspiring design and sheer finesse, much like the exclusive pieces of precious metals you deal with. Think cards with a glittery touch that possess as much flamboyance as classic understated elegance. We have a bunch of gorgeous templates that showcase everything from colorful gems and chunky gold ornaments to timeless pearls and subtle wedding bands. An expensive looking and dazzling piece of well-cut rock on a black background is sure to inspire collective sighs from prospective customers. Templates with striking images of a string of pearls resting on a flowing red satin cloth, a delicately crafted tiara or an intricately patterned neckpiece are effortlessly classy and attractive. For a softer look, opt for the template which displays a top view of a few gold rings placed inside a beautiful pink rose. If you are a jewelry designer, you can customize these jewelry business cards by adding images of creations from your collection to flaunt your signature style. Use elaborate artistic fonts along with miniature jewelry motifs outlining the business cards for a sparkling look that instantly enchants your potential clients and has them sprinting in your direction.