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Landscaping Business Cards

Landscaping in an artistic vocation which requires the expression of your visualization skills. Your business cards should therefore be able to convey a deep understanding of aesthetics, symmetry, accents and contrasts through its clear cut, detailed and orderly design. Think of your business cards as the front and backyards of your client's homes and weave magic on them first before you get going with the gardens. While images of lush foliage, scenic pathways, flower tapestries, majestic sundecks and greenhouses can create a sharp pictorial ambiance for your business, an unassuming illustration of an impressive landscape can also communicate the message convincingly. Pick from templates of creatively designed gardens or put your designing ability to test by customizing landscaping business cards using photographs of majestic homes with fountains, ponds, archways, bridges and blooming flowerbeds. Apart from green, a rather obvious color choice for landscaping business cards, you can exploit other vivid shades like red, violet, purple, yellow and electric blue to generate the right blend of shades. Use chunks of real grass, flower petals and shapely leaves on your business cards to egg on your prospective customers to leave the landscaping job to experts.