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Medical Business Cards

Physicians, dentists, surgeons, physiotherapists and other specialized medical practitioners must carry business cards that inspire faith, assurance and confidence. Customize your cards by including prominent symbols of your area of specialization along with clearly mentioned contact details. Use colors like blue, white and bright red along with bold and official looking typeface. Use the template with the image of a white dove against a clear blue sky to signify care, humanity, healing, positivity and well-being. Since red represents remedial drugs and blue is the color of healing, these two shades can be blended with your symbols to design appropriate medical business cards which maintain the protocol of this noble profession. Create logos that are vibrant, soothing and foster hope in your patients. Pediatricians can give their cards a bright, cheerful and soothing effect, whereas surgeons can design cards that look more formal and respectable. Mention important details like specialization and emergency contact numbers along with precise work hours and qualifications. The purpose of a medical business card goes beyond merely promoting the doctor's services. It is also about ensuring that you are immediately available to serve your patients when they need you. Hope, reliability and trustworthiness are the hallmarks of the medical profession and your business cards should convey these virtues compellingly.