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Military Business Cards

Make a compelling statement on the virtues of patriotism by designing smart, official and ceremonial looking military business cards. Military personnel and defense contractors doing business with the forces can pick from an array of decorous templates which maintain the eminence of rank and uniform. You can use everything from images of war ships and slick fighter planes to recognized state symbols like the American national flag and insignias of the armed forces. Customize your business cards to include compelling icons that convey strength, dynamism, power and a deep sense of responsibility. Pick a conventional template sporting the trademark green and brown (or black) military uniform background or opt for one that displays the picture of an intimidating sharp edged sword to suggest combat. Visuals of advanced military paraphernalia and a fleet of fighter planes filing neatly in the sky also look impressive and express the official stature of your profession. For a neat presentation and formal look, use a high grade card stock and give your cards a glossy UV finish. Identify the objective behind designing these cards and subsequently make them the 'badges' of your position and patriotism.