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Mommy Business Cards

If you are a savvy 21st century mommy and believe motherhood is a full-time calling, it is only logical to get your hands on some smart business cards that can be circulated among other mothers, neighbors, baby sitters, teachers and doctors. Make your cards fun by splashing them with playful and creative kiddy images. Use colorfully animated creatures and give them a name belonging to each of your children. Make your cards practical by enlisting the children's daily schedule at the back of the card or the days when they can be invited for play dates. You can also have a broader family card with highly individualistic images which humorously represent your quirky clan. Customize mommy business cards by slipping in your child's favorite cartoon character and having the character represent your kid. You can also include information about the child in bubble captions above the cartoon as if the little one was announcing it himself. Mention important details like allergies, the doctor's number and even a line about the tiny tot's hobbies and interests on the card. Since these aren't' business cards in the real sense, you can be as imaginative and eccentric as possible to stir up the kid's interest and make him enthusiastic about having his own mommy or family card.