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Personal Training Business Cards

Creatively customized and original personal training business cards are perfect tools for killing competition and finding potential clients by establishing your authority in the fitness arena. Apply attractive imagery of health food, well-toned abs, solid muscles, silhouettes of exercising bodies and gymnasium equipments for communicating the importance of fitness among prospective customers. Since the personal training business is going to be more about you as an individual than a company, the cards can be customized by adding a personal mug shot to promote recognition, credibility and reliability. Use pictures of measuring tapes, weighing scales and attractive looking men and women working out with dumbbells against a plain white background. Create a full-color collage of several fitness related images to make your personal business cards stand out of the heap. Use a double sided design and print helpful information like the right height weight proportion at the back of the card to increase its utility. A discount code on the business cards also makes your clients feel special and is a subtle call for action. Make your cards power packed and sporty enough to compel your potential customers to take the first step towards a fit body and mind.