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Recycled Business Cards

Combining cutting edge entrepreneurship with an environmentally conscious approach not just does a whole lot of good for nature but also creates a socially responsible image for your organization. Several businessmen and professionals are realizing the sizeable damage that exchanging business cards can do to the environment and hence have adopted a green friendly stand by using recycled business cards. Activists, environmentalists, forest officers, renewable energy experts and other green professionals can choose some super recycled business card templates to convey their commitment to nature. Use plenty of natural, earthy shades to convey your stand and philosophy for a greener planet. Forceful natural images of the globe, lush trees, the sky and windmills depict the beauty of the environment and create a sense of urgency for protecting the planet. For something more soul stirring, use the symbolic template of a blue colored heart with the world map printed on it. Include pictures that evoke both fear of losing natural resources and a passion for preserving it. The recycling themed templates with green arrows remind your prospective patrons of the benefits of an alternative lifestyle that respects the environment. Be as creative as you can and print your cards of a completely recyclable and eco friendly material. Think fabrics, old cartons and metals like steel and iron.