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Spiritual Business Cards

Spiritual business cards are a great option if you a keen follower of religion, philosophy and spiritual practices. Make business cards an extension of your persona and beliefs by combining them with designs related to your vocation. Even professional spiritual gurus, healers, yoga practitioners and religious leaders can use the soothing templates to create a serene spiritual aura. Your prospective clients must first experience the positive vibe of your business cards and connect with them before being convinced of your ethereal knowledge. Use poignant and metaphorical images to symbolize life, learning and higher spiritual goals. Surreal illustrations from nature like a beautiful sunset, a gushing waterfall, a dove flying against the backdrop of a blue sky or a shimmering ocean can convey deeply philosophical leanings. Religious leaders can pick from templates with images of religious symbols, texts and vistas of churches to instantly connect with the audience and communicate a higher sense of purpose. Customize your cards by creating an attractive contrast of bright orange (to show the light of life and an evolved understanding of spiritualism) against a black background (the confusing moments in life). Soft shades like white, sky blue and peach also suggest tranquility. Use calming pictures that communicate balance, harmony, peace and spiritual bliss.