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Student Business Cards

It is impractical for students to carry a tedious bunch of resumes in everyday social situations. A few brightly-designed and professional looking student business cards can come handy if you bump into someone who may have a job opportunity for you. Design your business cards using the template of a notebook page complete with a margin and horizontal lines. Opt for fonts which appear natural, informal and amateurish to symbolize youngsters who are still going through the process of learning. Other compelling images of knowledge like the blackboard, books, stationery and spectacles can all generate a positive impression about your professionalism among prospective employers. Apart from your field of education, qualifications and contact details you can also include information on the type of profile that interests you, the nature of experience you are seeking along with your strengths and special skills. A thoughtful and smartly drafted mission statement can also go a long way in establishing your credibility. Though your business card is not meant to be a substitute of a proper resume, it will help if you chronicle your work experience at the back of the card to give your future employers an impressive overview of your past work activities and accomplishments.