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Substitute Teacher Business Cards

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Substitute Teacher Business Cards

Substitute teacher need to network constantly to ensure that they fill in the gap when a teaching job is available. You have to make your presence felt among hundreds of other substitute teachers who are vying for the same position as you. If you want to be perceived as a professional and go-getter, who is always well-turned out and strives to make a positive impression; get yourself a bunch of sharply designed substitute teacher business cards. They will not only make a lasting impression but will also ensure that school authorities have your details handy whenever the need for your services arises. The business cards will make your profile more memorable and your chances of bagging an interview may increase drastically.

You can order a bunch of professionally created substitute teacher business cards that sport a clean and eye-catching design from an online business card printing company. Make sure you opt for a high quality card stock and full-color design that stands out. The design of the card need not be very formal and boring. You can add some creativity to it, depending on the subjects that you specialize in. For instance of you are an art or creative writing teacher, you have to make sure your substitute teacher business cards convey your sense of imagination and creative visualization. If you specialize in medieval history, you can add more character to the cards by using iconic images from that era. Irrespective of the images you opt for, ensure that the printing quality of the card remains top-class.

Apart from your name and contact details, it is a good idea to include your qualifications and any additional certifications on the substitute teacher business cards. You can also make a mention of your strongest niches like nature poetry or modern art or creative writing. This ensures a comprehensive summation of your work profile and makes it easy to fit you in a role that you enjoy. If you've participated in any workshops that can add value to your vocation, don't forget to mention it prominently on the business card.

There are other small tips, which along with the business cards can increase your chances of landing a job as a substitute teacher. You can regularly stay in touch with the authorities responsible for hiring substitute teachers by updating them about your schedule and availability by sending quick emails. This way your name gains familiarity with them and when a need springs up, they can immediately contact you to fill the position. Make sure however that you just drop a hint about your availability and keep a considerable gap between your mails to avoid coming across as aggressive or pushy.

Make your substitute teacher business cards more interesting by adding a catchy phrase about teaching and learning. At the back of your cards, you can even mention fascinating trivia about the subjects you specialize in. The idea is to convey your imagination, knowledge and resourcefulness in getting the students involved in class work. It will give the authorities a good glimpse of how you can make humdrum lessons more appealing for the students.