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Travel Agent Business Cards

If you help people experience unknown destinations, exotic locations and interesting adventures, make your travel agent business cards as fascinating as your trade. Travel is synonymous with breath-taking natural photography and compelling visuals of faraway lands. Use backgrounds of a flushed tangerine sunset sky, a famous historical monument or a lush green field swept by rain. The backdrop of an ocean with a scintillating reflection of the sun in its silver waters can appeal to the wanderlust spirit of your potential clients. You can also toy with graphics related to mountains, waterfalls, wild animals or beaches. A serene natural island resort with colorful corals or a couple of grand ships in the middle of the ocean are also strong images to convey the excitement of taking off. To try something more offbeat, customize your business cards to the shape of a suitcase with sticker sized images of iconic monuments and destinations along with your contact details. If you want a jazzier card, opt for a bejeweled city landscape against the backdrop of a night sky. Simple yet classy templates like a pair of relaxed feet soaking in sand or a well-laid table complete with wine and gourmet cuisine overlooking the sunset sprayed beach summarize the spirit of your enterprise well.