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Product Dimensions

Below are the artwork canvas details.
Canvas Size: 3.61" x 2.11" 1084 px. x 634 px.
Trim Size: 3.5" x 2" 1050 px. x 600 px.
Safe Area: 3.39" x 1.89" 1016 px. x 566 px.
Bleed: 4 picas 34 pixels
Resolution: 300 DPI  

Helpful File Preparation Tips

Make sure that your background image covers the Green Line. This is called the "Bleed Area".

The Red Line is approximately where we will trim your artwork, although our machines are not perfect.
This indicates the "Cut Line".

The Blue Line indicates the "Safe Area".
Make sure to keep all text and significant portions of your design within this area.

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