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Wedding Business Cards

Weddings are high gloss events and in keeping with the grandiose of your vocation, your wedding business cards should be nothing short of flamboyant and glitzy in a classy way. Use luxurious and imposing background images like a grand stretch limousine, a pair of exquisitely crafted wedding bands or a high quality photograph of a couple of attractively arranged guest tables. If you want to focus more on the symbolism and poignant significance of a wedding, use images of the bridge and groom’s hands comfortably wrapped over each other or an adorable picture of the bride and groom’s wedding dance. Florists and cake decorators can of course use graphics of spectacular flower arrangements and scrumptious-looking multi-tiered cakes. Opt for pink and other soft pastel templates if you want more understated but endearing business cards. Think cards with pretty pink paper hearts background. If you want to hog the limelight, use plenty of gold, silver, bronze and black to symbolize extravagance. At the back of the wedding business card, you can include cute trivia about wedding customs or the names of each wedding anniversary. If you are the poetic sort, you can even compose some non-traditional wedding vows for your prospective clients.