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Yellow Business Cards

Yellow is a bright, cheerful and optimistic shade that signifies sunshine, enlightenment, creativity and wisdom. A vivid yellow business card is instantly attractive and can be spotted among a pile of cards for its sheer luminosity. Yellow is also a warm color which stimulates the hunger pangs in human beings and hence is utilized by a majority of food companies in their logo. Use templates with images of a pair of glowing sunflowers, a radiant sun in full bloom casting its spell on the beach or a plain yellow background against a professional black font. Restaurateurs, food consultants and other professionals in the food industry can combine bright yellow with other warm shades like red to create a stunning contrast and play up the consumer psychology element. Green and yellow business cards also work well for lawn care companies, landscape designers, nursery owners and horticulturists. Artists can use splashes of yellow generously in their business cards to give the cards a dazzling appeal. You can completely customize the pre-designed templates by adding images from your own collection. Create a fantastic, attention grabbing logo and a powerful mission statement to carve a unique brand identity for your enterprise.